How It Works
Socially Active
Clubdango list socially active venues that can be shared easily.
Push Notifications
Clubdango does everything with push notifications and reverse push notifications. This provides instant responses.
Worldwide Deals
Clubdango gives you an assortment of unique deals from your favorite places right around you and the world.
ClubDango Mobile runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running version 3.2 software or later as well as Android running 1.6 software or later.
Once you create your quick profile you will have access to all of Clubdango exclusive deals/ offers.
Browse Deals
Find the deal that fits your needs.
Confirm / Buy Deals
Confirm your deal or Buy it now the choice is yours.
Text the deal Provider
You can instantly call, text, or email the offer provider to go over the details personally.
Clubdango is venue specific which means everything revolves around a existing business and they provide all their events, images, and info. Clubdango is only a portal for that venue.
Venues give first hand information about what is going on, where to find them, who is in charge and how to contact them. Clubdango only makes it clickable.
Clubdango updates events everyday so you have up to date information. Look at upcoming events or check for a specific date in a specific place.
Photo Galleries
Clubdango updates your favorite venue's photo galleries everyday instantly.
Its never been easier to look for venues, info, photos, and deals. You can find all the information that will help your nightlife search.
Liking your favorite places is a breeze. Simply click the thumbs up on each Place page of your choice to tag your preferred spot. Once you have your favorites, you can access them on the Clubdango System web or app.
Your profile stores all of Clubdango unique features like exclusive Deals, your Profile, your Favorites, and more. Your info and Stash is stored on the our cloud server, so you can access your profile anywhere, anytime.
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Your profile information is safe with us! We do not share or distribute your personal information with ANY third parties. See Privacy Policy for more information.
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