Social Media + Nightlife Entertainment = Clubdango .... Clubdango grabs nightlife information like events, photos, and puts all of it into a simple easy to use platform. iPhone & Android devices are the main mobile platforms used as they have all of the features needed for Clubdango to work.


Clubdango's Purpose
Clubdango's mission is basically up to date worldwide information for nightlife. Clubdango sole purpose is to make sure that you have all the information available to have a great time in any part of the world!
What Clubdango Does?
Clubdango is the World’s Only Social Entertainment App, but it goes even further, by being the ONLY app of its kind that is fully integrated with Facebook. Built with social media in mind, Clubdango updates the entertainment world instantly. Social Media + Entertainment = Clubdango Users can also alert venues to post deals and events. In addition Clubdango offers current deals, and specials that can be pushed or viewed.
One of the key features of the app is the Proximity Push Deal Notifications fans will receive from venues in their area. Imagine your target audience, whether they be locals or visitors, not knowing where to go or who to call to enjoy a night out? This happens every day in every city throughout the world, people need one tool to show them where to go, who to contact and, a call to action, Clubdango captures it all. Clubdango will tell any user everything available to them anywhere in the world, in real-time, with direct access to the host venue or deal provider, with no middle man or hassles. Venues may upload new deals and events instantly from their mobile device, receive full analytics, and a complete database of all user interactions.

Where Did The Clubdango Idea Come From?

Clubdango's concept was born from the need of having a self updating system for nightlife, events, and photos. Everyone knows that venues update all their events and photos on a daily sometimes weekly basis. So Clubdango was created to keep the nightlife community up to date on everything is happing instantly.


No one wants to sit in front of a computer all day long to enter data......

Clubdango lists over 2000 cities worldwide and is packed full of events, photos and deals / offers. Clubdango reaches into every continent to find the all of the socially active venues to bring you the most up to date information possible. When your are traveling using the search engines could give you the wrong information, but with Clubdango you can see recent pictures of the stop you want to visit. Clubdango is not matched in this.

Using Clubdango to find out what is going on is FREE and easy to use. You don't have sign up for anything unless you want a deal / offer. Clubdango is a great information source no sign up required to use our services.


Enjoy Clubdango... You might find something you are looking for.

What Is Clubdango?
Clubdango is the largest socially active directory for nightclubs, dayclubs, bars, and lounges .With 1000’s of venues, 1000’s of photos, and 1000’s of events updating daily Clubdango gives the user the most accurate information available.

Users can share deals, events and venues on FaceBook, Twitter, SMS, and email.

Users can also alert venues to post deals and events. In addition Clubdango offers current deals, and specials that can be pushed or viewed.
Venues & Promoters
Venues are the source of what Clubdango is and does. Venues provides all of the information needed to populate Clubdango. Clubdango is venue specific so promoters have to be a satellite of an affiliated venue to create deals / offers.
Nightlife / Daylife Seekers
People looking for experience entertainment require a higher level of information and the ways to get that information is critical. Up to date information via mobile is the most reliable way to make sure they have access to that information. Clubdango offers Global Entertainment information instantly.
The Social Entertainment Community
Clubdango is made from the same cutting edge technology found in mega websites. At the core Clubdango is based on social media's ever expanding reach. Sharing information is the key to the future and Clubdango know this.
Clubdango was born in VEGAS!
Las Vegas NV – Clubdango was born out of the idea to create the world’s largest directory of socially active nightclubs, dayclubs, bars and lounges, with thousands upon thousands of venues, events and photos updating daily. Powered by a proprietary, continuously auto-updating system integrating any new entertainment events and deals populated in real time, in a user friendly format.
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