Propaganda! 045: Add2 Basket [Suara] + Holosound [Nurvous/Pulse Radio] & Samsara
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Come see for yourself what makes the Electronic Dance Music world go round... The people, the vibe, the talent… PROPAGANDA! 037: Add2Basket [Suara / Witty Tunes / Add2Basket] --------------------------------------------------- It’s been a remarkable rise to prominence for Andrew, or Add2Basket as he’s more commonly known. From the first release on his own Add2Basket imprint in May of 2006, to the international gigs and releases on major labels of today; it’s been a whirlwind for Andrew. His productions have been rapidly finding favour with a host of A-list DJs. From Desyn Masiello to Danny Howells, the Add2Basket sound can be found on dancefloors the world over. His signature melodies give his music an uplifting quality that has already brought it to the attention of labels like Stealth, Alternative Route, Extrema, Glideslope Music and Sick Watona. As well as a host of regular gigs and high profile residencies in his native Hungary, Add2Basket has travelled to 32 countries in more then 60 cities, with gigs in Brazil, China, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico , Dubai and all over Europe, guesting at such prestigious venues as Pacha in Sao Paolo, G-Plus in Shanghai, Renaissance party in Stockholm, the legendary 360 in Dubai or Opera Bay in Buenos Aires. Not content with just following the path of a successful DJ and producer, Andrew doubles as a label owner. Add2Basket Records is always on the forefront of house releasing the best fresh of funky tracks from some of the best producers around the world. With 59 releases behind and a host of A-list producers on board such as 16 Bit Lolitas, Motorcitysoul, Kolombo, and Interplay, and a few extremely strong releases in the pipeline, Add2Basket Records is continuing to making waves in the house community. Andrew is always looking for new ways to share his music and passion with his friends. After a trip to WMC in 2010 where he met with his friend Luke Fair, they decided to come up with a new concept called The Rogue Show. This is their monthly podcast that lets them explore their more eclectic side of house, the stuff they don’t usually get to play on the dance floor. You can listen to all previous mixes by subscribing to the podcast on itunes or check out his 2010 was also the beginning of a new collective called Faciendo, which Andrew joined alongside long time friends Desyn Masiello, Tom Morgan, balErik, Dory and Rowan Blades. For more information about the Faciendo Tribe please browse our site, you’re already on it! Andrew has also been hard at work on another project called Neston, an online radio station based out of his hometown of Budapest which launched in 2012. Andrew works tirelessly around the clock hunting for good music for the radio, as he carefully selects each track for the station. The result is one of the most interesting playlists you will ever hear from around the world. On top of all of this Andrew has finished building a brand new studio as he is committed to producing some new Add2Basket tunes in the very near future. So get ready to hear more from Add2basket through The Rogue Show, Faciendo, Neston as well as his upcoming productions and gigs around the world. HOLOSOUND aka ALEX FISH [Nurvous / Pulse Radio] --------------------------------------------- SAMSARA [Sullivan Room - NYC] --------------------------------------------- TOMMY WRONG --------------------------------------------- $15 w/ | DOORS OPEN 9PM | 21+ Twitter: @SullivanRoomNYC @SullivanRoomRec Tickets: Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012
December 1, 2012 6:00 pm
December 2, 2012 2:00 am
218 Sullivan St, New York, NY, United States
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